Financial Technology

FinTech is rapidly developing industry at the at the intersection of modern technologies and finance. Regulations in this field directly influence companys’ competitive positions, both at the local level and globally.

Contact Person

Roman Buzko




  • Analysis of new business models from legal perspective, advice on compliance
    with applicable regulations;

  • Drafting of commercial and compliance documents (terms and conditions,
    internal policies and procedures, contracts);

  • Licenses and approvals for regulated activities;

  • Advice on financial issues, including compliance with AML and KYC rules;

  • IP protection, advice on legal aspects of IT;

  • Buy and sell-side transactions support, joint ventures, partnerships.


Robo-Advisers Have Attracted Attention of the US Securities and Exchange Commission

The U.S. SEC published the Guidance Update No. 2017-02 Update concerning the regulation of automated advisers also known as "robo-advisers".

FinTech Legal Landscape in Russia

Some important FinTech segments are not yet regulated in Russia. However, both local and foreign players should not face any irresistible regulatory deal-breakers.

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