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U.S. Startup Package

Forming a company in the U.S. is simple. Provide a few basic details, and we will form a C-corporation or limited liability company in Delaware, obtain a tax number, and open a bank account – all completely online.

Featured Article

LLC or C-corp: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Not sure what corporate form best suits your needs? This article will help you choose.

Incorporation Process Overview

Step 1


Read the guide and choose the entity type

Answer a few questions about your business


Step 2


Have your entity ready within 3-5 business days

No hidden fees – the package includes expedited filing fees and the registered agent fee for the first year* $200/year after that

Step 3

Post-Formation Setup

Sign your corporate documents

Get your EIN in 10-30 business days

Apply for a bank account at trusted institutions and have your application processed within 7-15 business days

Step 4

Enjoy Free Perks

Mailing address in New York for 1 year* $250/year after that

1-hour consultation with a lawyer

Annual report and franchise tax reminders

Services Agreement and NDA templates

Let’s Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Why form a company in the U.S.?

Why use your service instead of Clerky?

If I already have an LLC, can I convert it into a C-corp?

Can one person hold all positions in the company?

Do I need to notarize the company documents?

How much will I need to spend to maintain the company each year?

Which documents will I get?

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Important Notice

We maintain certain KYC procedures and may ask you to provide additional documents and information to ensure compliance with sanctions laws


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