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Tax Guide for Digital Nomads

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30+ page guide about taxes for those who travel a lot or work from abroad. Covers personal tax residence, incorporation in favorable jurisdictions, controlled foreign companies (CFC), double taxation treaties (DTT), and many other topics. Prepared by lawyers working with international startup founders, digital nomads, and high-net-worth individuals.

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General approach to tax planning for digital nomads


Taxation of personal income (tax residence, source of income, etc.)


Personal holding companies (corporate residence, controlled foreign companies, etc.)


Tax strategies for digital nomads


Overview of select jurisdictions


Currency issues


Automatic exchange of information between governments


Taxation of crypto assets

for whom

Online business owners

Remote workers

Bloggers and influencers

Passive income recipients

Employers with work from home (WFH) policies

regular updates

It is a not fixed PDF but a product that will be regularly updated


New laws and court decisions regularly appear. We monitor these developments and notify buyers of our products about the most significant updates.

Tax Strategies

Prompted by frequent rule changes, new tax planning approaches constantly appear.

Tax Benefits in Different Countries

We live in a time of competition between countries for capital and top talent. In an effort to attract the best, governments introduce ever more benefits for digital nomads.

Latest Analytics

We independently monitor and analyze the best jurisdictions, banks, and visa regimes, sharing these insights with our subscribers.

bonus information

With the guide, you also get some handy perks

Tax obligations of foreign statup founders doing business via a US company while staying abroad
Standard invoice for billing your clients, universal services agreement and other documents
10 private banks for digital nomads
Regularly updated database with 15+ countries with visas for digital nomads
Special rates for registering a legal entity in any country via our network
20% discount towards your purchase of any other product in our store

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30+ page tax guide for digital nomads


Each guide and document is developed by a lawyer focusing on a specific area. This tax guide for digital nomads is the result of the collective efforts of lawyers from our tax group and startup advisory practice. The product is based on our experience of designing tax strategies for dozens of wealthy individual clients.

Roman Buzko
Advises startups and corporate clients on tax related issues with focus on intellectual property and FinTech
Evgeny Krasnov
New York licensed attorney advising international founders on US market entry and fundraising

базовый пакет

Пакет включает в себя базовый набор

Понятийное соглашение для основателей
Устав ООО
Положение о коммерческой тайне
Чеклист юридического аудита
Консультация с экспертом
Гарантия возврата денег




Расширенный пакет и консультация

Все документы из базового пакета
Договор на закрепление прав на интеллектуальную собственность
Договор конвертируемого займа + инструкция
Рамочный договор с самозанятыми
Договор об управлении аккаунтами в соц. сетях
Консультация с экспертом
Гарантия возврата денег

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